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Christina Stampolis



7th Grade
Current Unit of Study: Dance Around The World
Objective: I can describe and demonstrate how different cultures celebrate through movement.
Description of Unit: We are comparing how a variety of cultures celebrate their communities and traditions through movement.  Scholars have been asked to reflect on dances from their own cultural backgrounds as well.  You can support your scholar at home by having a conversation about traditional dances from your family’s heritage.  Additionally, we welcome any parents who would be interested in presenting dances from their culture in class!

7th Grade Dance Curriculum Guide:

​8th Grade
Current Unit of Study:
Dancing Through The Underground Railroad
Objective: I can use historical context and art to create a dance work expressive of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.
Description of Unit: Scholars are developing choreography representative of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. We have analyzed paintings by Jacob Lawrence to identify action words and descriptive words that can be used to inspire movement.

8th Grade Dance Curriculum Guide:

Assessment Rubrics

Dance Participation Rubric

 Course Description

In Dance, scholars will explore a variety of dance forms in order to gain appreciation for the art while developing their confidence, self-discipline, social and critical thinking skills.  Our curriculum will be based in the 8th Grade benchmark of the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance with an emphasis on the Dance Making and Developing Dance Literacy strands.  For more information regarding these standards, please visit  Throughout the year, scholars can expect to develop dance technique, create and workshop collaborative dance works, observe and analyze peer and professional work, and research the significance of important figures in the dance world.

Supplies/Materials Needed

Comfortable clothing

How students will be assessed:     



Dance Analysis

Skill Development

Policies and procedures to keep in mind:

Students are expected to fully participate in dance class. Students can only be excused from dance for medical reasons, including illness, with a written, signed note from a parent or doctor.

How parents can best help students to succeed in this class:

  • Ask your child to show and explain to you what they are learning in dance class!  This builds rehearsal time into their day and helps them develop the skills and concepts they are currently working on.
  • Contact me if your student seems to be struggling with concepts at home.  Do not assume they will improve on their own.
  • Teach your child not to be afraid of dance and to keep an open mind!  Dance is often outside of their comfort zone.  If you have a positive attitude, they will too!
  • Actively check Engrade Pro for updated assignments and grades.  This is the easiest way to stay current with our curriculum and your child’s progress.