Physical Education

Hello My Name Is...

Violet Trifu

Physical & Health Education

Curriculum Guide, 2016 - 2017


PE Grading Rubric

Course Description

Through activity and sport students will learn how to work together while learning techniques and strategies used to enforce the idea of lifelong fitness.

Guiding Questions/Themes

How can I take the health strategies I have learned and incorporate them into my daily life?

Topics/Units of Study


Sept. – Dec.

Fitnessgram Assessment/Station Play

Jan.- Feb.

Soccer Unit

Mar.- April

Basketball Unit

May – June

Baseball Unit


* Throughout each unit we will be learning about the skeletal and muscular system.

Supplies/Materials Needed

Comfortable clothing


How students will be assessed:



Team Work              

Follows Direction  


Policies and procedures to keep in mind:

Students are expected to fully participate in physical education classes. Students can only be excused from P.E. for medical reasons, including illness, with a written, signed note from a parent or doctor.

Sneakers are a must in order to participate!

How parents can best help students to succeed in this class:

  • Encourage daily physical activity
  • Practice healthy eating habits.
  • Ask what your child has learned.