7th Grade Math

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Ms. Kesten

7th Grade Math 

Course Description

In 7th grade Math, scholars will expand on the skills they mastered in sixth grade to become more adept problem solvers. There will be an emphasis on real-world applications in the areas of Ratios & Proportional Relationships, Number Systems, Expressions & Equations, Statistics & Probability, and Geometry. Our curriculum is based on the Accelerated 7th Grade Common Core Learning Standards, which will prepare all scholars for the opportunity to take Regents Algebra as 8th graders. Throughout the year scholars can expect to complete real-world project applications (as groups or individually), technology based investigations, written explanations, and complete assessments and exams.


Topics/Units of Study


1st Quarter

Ratios & Proportions #1

Unit Rates

Recognizing Proportional Relationships

Scale Models

Scale Factors

Similar Figures

Number Sense #1

Add/Subtract Rational Numbers

Multiply/Divide Rational Numbers

2nd Quarter

Expressions & Equations




Number Sense #2

Laws of Exponents

Scientific Notation

3rd Quarter

Ratios & Proportions #2


Statistics & Probability



4th Quarter

Test Prep




Surface Area


If time - Algebra #3

Linear Equations



How scholars will be assessed:

30% - Unit Quizzes

  • Scholars will have quizzes at the end of each unit.
  • Scholars will correct their mistakes on quizzes to receive half of the points they lost back.
  • All quizzes will be returned back to their in-class folders.

25% - Projects & Performance Tasks

  • Scholars will lose 5 percentage points for each day a project is late.
  • For group projects all scholars will be responsible for the work turned in by their group.

15% - Class work

  • Class work will be collected on a semi-regular bases. 
  • It will be graded based using the traditional grading system.

10% - Notebook Quizzes

  • Scholars will have open-note Do Now quizzes on most Fridays.
  • Scholars will not be able to do corrections on open-note quizzes.

10% - Homework

  • (5%) Standards based HWs are short homework assignments that assess one skill. Scholars will receive a 3 (fully mastered), 2 (mostly mastered), 1 (partially mastered) or 0 (not mastered) on each assignment.
  • (5%) Check based HWs are longer homework assignments that assess a variety of skills. These will be longer assignments that give practice on more than one standard and will be graded using the traditional grading system.

10% - Participation, Preparedness & Behavior


How guardians can best help scholars succeed in this class:

  • Actively check motthall2.org and engrade.  These are the best ways to see your scholar’s assignments, contact teachers, find online resources, check on your child’s progress, and learn about upcoming quizzes, assignments, and projects. 
  • Teach your scholar not to be afraid of math! If you have a positive attitude they will too J.
  • Make sure they do all of their homework; it is posted daily on our class page. In order to succeed in mathematics they need to practice mathematical skills outside of the classroom.
  • Encourage them to have a math buddy.  The best way to learn mathematics is to discuss it with others.
  • Contact Ms. Kesten or outside help as soon as your scholar seems to be struggling.  Do not assume they will improve on their own.
  • Be open to different problem solving strategies.  Each child learns in a different way and therefore solves problems in different ways.